Falling Upon Deaf Ears
the sound of silent voices surveying my thoughts
regularity defining perfection
neither sorrow nor contentment
whispering emptiness, frail words collapse
my weight only stirs the ground
how long can i hold your hand as you walk over graves
you search for tears of compassion
yet find the comfort of winter
reassurance dead like the falling leaves
losing hope in your unchanging ways
all of my strength cannot save you
if you are unwilling to help yourself

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Yeah heute eine vom t, dem depp mim barhocker ?bergezogen bekommen, weil er nen freund von mir angegangen ist, und ich halt dazwischen gesprungen bin, weil dieser eh schon am boden lag, ich schei? idiot
4.1.06 06:09

In The End

Everything's cool, currently, my true friends already know why, anyhow it's cool having this life i have currently
15.12.05 10:43

The Way I Am

I Don't Know You And No I Don't Owe You A Motherfuckin' Thing
I'm Not Mister N*Sync, I'm Not What Your Friends Think, I'm Not Mr. Friendly I Can Be A Prick, If You Tempt Me My Tank Is On Empty No Patience Is In Me And If You Offend Me I'm Liften You 10 Feet In The Air I Don't Care Who Was There And Who Saw Me Destroy You Go Call You A Laywer, Buy You A Lawsuit I Smile In The Courtroom And Buy You Wordrobe I'm Tired Of Arguin' I Don't Mean To Be Mean But That's All I Can Be Is Just Me!!!
15.12.05 10:42

Not Sleeping Yet!

Mhm, immer noch nicht im Bett, arbeiten war okay, echt lustig und fun, aber wir sind geschwommen, nachdem der lustige Flip 2 min. vorher bescheid gegeben hat, dass er net kommen wird, hei?t becky und ich allein hinter der bar dippo dj, mhm naja und es war mehr als zu halloween, jeder der zu halloween da war wei? was das hei?t wir mussten sogar leute wegschicken respektive nicht mehr reinlassen, weil es zu voll war, mhm naja gefickt worden halt, naja daf?r krieg ich bei der Sarah heute in 1 1/2 stunden ein fr?hst?ck und bin nacher bei ner freundin zum schachspielen eingeladen, should be fun danach schlafen gehen und dann wieder arbeiten, juhu
have fun
take care
8.12.05 08:53


Mhm, na toll heute zu dritt hinter der Bar eingeteilt, demzufolge wird das heute "schwimmen" pur, da ja morgen f?r Sch?ler frei ist....(Stress!)
Naja was soll man machen, wird schon irgendw?e funktionieren
Muss dann eh bald los, weil wir ur viel herrichten m?ssen
anonsten gibts nichts neues....I'm boring ;-)
take care
7.12.05 17:38

That's The Way It Is

It was last night on the midnight train back home
I ran into this one yet unfamiliar tone
I knew I should have known
6.12.05 15:48


Bin m?de werd mal schlafen gehen, irgendwie tut sich nix bei mir in letzter Zeit, deswegen auch nur m??ig neue Eintr?ge
Gute Nacht
6.12.05 04:30

Worst Hangover Ever

Good Night!
4.12.05 08:46

Auf Gehts!

Auuf zum 70 in Folge
3.12.05 19:40

And What Not!

Chronc. Order:
woke up, watched the ski-race, went to eat some with my buddies, went to paddy's, went to munk and afterwards straight to university
good night!
2.12.05 10:09

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can you understand my meaning hidden in the roses around my eyes
i want you to know how much it means to have you in my life
your love brings me close again in this instance when our worlds collide
the wire of eternity twists around us
i can feel this river rising, moving up my back
some things never change
some things never go away
i could never forget you
and i will never be the same

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did you ever see me or could you even see at all
i looked at your cold white face, so still, so empty
yet i knew you were at rest
much more comforted than i
what else could i find to replace who you were
it was the carefree unrestricted love that you never meant to give
you never had the choice
it was your innocence
it was part of who you were
it was the comfort of a friend

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